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MilitaryHomeLife Radio with Sonya Dunn

A syndicated radio show with an infusion of news, information and music center around military community living. Plus, interviews focus on people, issues and stories from and for military services members, dependents and retirees from all branches of the military.


Radio Stations

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96.3FM HD4
Every Weekday @ 1:00pm


Every Weekday @ 1:00pm


Comcast Channel 37
Every Friday @ 10:00pm

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Talk Radio with Sonya Dunn crew

Sonya Dunn MilitaryHomeLife Now, Sonya Dunn has created MilitaryHomeLife, a transmedia digital platform for the military community consisting of various media products. Dunn had developed audio channels for this niche market. She is the host of its talk radio format – MilitaryHomeLife Talk Radio with Sonya Dunn.   Background Sonya Dunn is transmedia storyteller with […]

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